The medical treatment is adjusted to the climate of Singapore to maintain healthy and beautiful hair condition.
“Healthy hair comes from healthy scalp” TANSAN Shampoo will be used during the shampoo to cleanse the scalp from sebum and oil content to maintain the natural PH of the hair which will provide customers with outstanding hair conditions.


    “EIGHT”, “miel hair” and “Shine hair”, three Japanese popular hair salon united together new as “THREES” will be opening at Clarke Quay station mall.
    Top stylists from Japan will serve costumers with the latest technology.
    Highly recommending is the exclusive spa experience which will be provided by our Spanist (Spa-Expert) who has world wide experience.


    Each customer will be attended by one highly skilled top stylist with experience from Japan and abroad with full responsibility.


    The salon is equipped with the latest and popular beauty equipment, medical treatment and furniture. Especially the shampoo section is providing customers an excellent relaxation time.