To provide the modern technology by Japanese top stylist, we are using medical treatment products made in Japan.
We recommend “FIBER PLEX” and “TOKIO” for your treatment due to the climate and water quality of Singapore.
By using TANSAN Shampoo instead of regular shampoo, the remaining content in your pores will be cleansed and the cause of the hair damage removed.
On top of that we will style your hair so you can rearrange it at home. Please let us know about your conditions.

  • True coloring experts developed the hair strengthening system.

    In western countries it is already common to use FIBERPLEXSplit Hair will be reduces by 94%!
    It is a revolutionary product, even the damage while bleaching your hair will be reduced.

  • After produced in 2011, it is the major hair treatment product representing Japan.

    This Product was admired by professionals and media abroad from Japan.Recently it is not only used in Japan also in many countries as "first class" treatment.The renewed product "TOKIO" will be providing the world a new version of "first class" treatment experience.

  • Loved by the seven natural colors of light itself and gain more shiny hair.

    Illumina Color will approach the cause of the cuticle damage and will guide your hair to receive more shine. Even strong and hard hair will gain soft and light color. The unknown experience of the colors of the light will be a new excitement.