In order to provide good service by Japanese top stylist, all beauty products used are made in Japan. Focusing on improving the hair quality according to the climate and water quality, we recommend the treatment using “FIBRE PLEX” and “TOKIO”.
In addition, since the carbonated spring shampoo is introduced, it can remove pore dirt that cannot be removed by ordinary shampoo, and it can eliminate the cause of pain and make the hair less painful.
Also, we will finish it in a style that is easy to maintain at home, so please feel free to contact us.

Reliable hair enhancement system developed by experts.

[FIBER PLEX] is already commonplace in Europe and America.
94% reduction of split ends and broken hair! A revolutionary product that can thoroughly eliminate hair damage during bleaching !

Japan’s leading hair treatment since its birth in 2011.

Acclaimed by overseas professionals and media, it is now a “first-class” system treatment that represents not only Japan but the world.
The newly reborn “TOKIO” will create new value as a “first-class” system treatment for the rest of the world.

Seven “light colors”. Loved by the light, the hair color shines more.

Illumina Color approaches one of the causes of this cuticle’s damage, leading to beautifully shining hair. For a soft and pale color. Meet a new you with an unexperienced “light color”.