Japanese beauty salon

Dear customers, 

Dear customers, Although the announced that regulations will be tightened from Sunday, THREES will open normally. (All menu are available) Government be The customers have to wear a mask at all times and drink services is prohibited, so it is … Read More

Japanese beauty salon

Attention for New Customers! 

Attention for New Customers! ! ✔️✔️For new customers 20%off all menu hair services + free carbonic water shampoo. Did you know, “THREES” is directly connected to MRT Clarke Quay Station! Come visit and pamper yourself after working or shopping, with … Read More

Japanese beauty salon


日本人スタイリスト募集!! “THREES”では一緒に頑張っていただける日本人スタイリストを募集しております! “THREES”は2018年6月にクラークキー駅直結のモールにオープンしました。好立地でトレンドのあるデザインを提供している為、順調に成長し、集客力が抜群にあります! 詳細はこちらからご確認出来ます。 楽しく働ける方にお会いできるのを楽しみにしております♪ 求人に関しましては下記より、お問い合わせください。 ☟☟☟☟☟☟✉ Japanese beauty salon【 THREES beauty salon 】

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About “THREES”

The happiness which makes the connection with the person and the person important, and is much, in the world!

The popular hair salons “EIGHT,” “miel hair,” and “shine hair,” mainly in Tokyo, are now jointly opened in a mall directly connected to Clarke Quay Station!

Providing cutting-edge technology and the latest beauty products by a group of talented stylists active in Tokyo.

With a focus on improving the quality of hair according to the climate and water quality, we aim to create a salon that is easy to care for at home and continues to transmit trends.