About “THREES”

Corporate philosophy

The happiness which makes the connection with the person and the person important, and is much, in the world!

Through beauty, we will value the connection between people and transmit the technology and customer service cultivated in Japan to the world, and continue to develop a salon that continues to challenge so that we can bring a lot of happiness and smiles to the world. We believe that there is no limit to the connections between people and that the smiles of everyone involved in “THREES” will create a lot of happiness.


THREES offer treatments that include damage-free treatments to prevent hair damage in Singapore’s climate.
In addition, we have introduced carbonated spring shampoo for shampoo based on the concept that “healthy hair starts from the scalp.” Removes sebum accumulated on the scalp and excess oil, and adjusts the PH control inherent in hair to create smooth hair.



The “THREES” stylist is a top stylist with a proven track record in Japan and overseas. Each top stylist will be responsible for it.

Inside the store

The furniture, beauty products and beauty equipment in the store are all the latest and most popular. In addition, the shampoo area provides a relaxing time in a calm atmosphere.

Inside the store photo